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Condensed Resume

Brigid is an Australian composer, performance artist, clarinet soloist, visual artist, video artist and educator whose creative practice explores the use of acoustic sound and technology to enable media performances and installations that are rich in aural and visual nuances. Her work is widely presented in concerts, festivals, and radio broadcasts throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA.

Recently she has been a recipient of an Australia Council Project Music Fellowship & new work commissions, namely Coral Bells - Museum Victoria & Instincts and Episodes published on Intermedia journal soundsRite. Also in 2015 & 2017, Brigid has been Artist in Resident at Marshall University USA with a Edwards Distinguished Professor Artist Residency, Indiana University USA and ADM NTU Singapore. She recently has presented works on the Big screen at Federation Square Melbourne, Generative Art Festival Italy, La Mama Musica,MIUC, austraLYSIS, Tilde Festival, ABC Classic FM. and International media Festival at the Trafaika Arena in Prague.

She also curates with Mark Perdersen Seensound Visual/Music series Melbourne Australia.

Brigid's involvement in many audiovisual performances has led her to integrate
Bb/Bass clarinet, real time computer sound, live visuals and theatre in her
performances to create innovative performances. Her
main focus is integrating musical ideas with a combination of different media. Each component of media is a tool in the exploration of her artistic process: perfomance, composition, improvisation, installation, collaboration (with acoustic performers, dancers and other new media performers), video, real time video mixing, props, print making, pen and ink drawings, mosaic, glass, painting, crayons on different surfaces, water footage and animation (digital).

Other ensembles Brigid performs with are BHZ: MArk Zanter and Steve HAll, NuniqueQuartet, www.nuniquequartet.com, Tri Duo, David McNicol, PAUSA II: Adrian Sherriff and collaborations with Carte Blanche: Roger Alsop and Ollie Bown. In 2008 she was a recipient of an Australia Council Project Fellowship and has received many awards and exhibited throughout Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Her most recent CD recordings have been reviewed and broadcast internationally. The Performing Arts Board of the Australia Council, Japanese Printing Corporation, ANAT, South Australian Govt., Australian Asian Foundation, Community Arts Centers and Universities has supported Brigid in her performances, compositions and artwork.

She has a PhD from UTAS University of Tasmania and a Master of Music in Composition from Melbourne University.

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