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Australian Stage online   Reviews   by Vanessa Lahey    25/08/2009
    Solo Perspective 2 was a performance showcasing three of Australia’s classically trained, avant-garde musicians. Performed in the Recital Hall at the Conservatorium of Music, ……..Burke’s mastery over her instruments has given her the ability to move away from conventional composition and work directly with sound rather than style. . What at first sounds like formless musical passages of virtuosic proportions are actually the layers of her compositional strength.
Resonate Australian Music Centre Publication   Australian Computer Music Conference 2007   by Warren Burt    1/07/2007
    ……. Brigid Burke's 'Petals Scream'' combined her remarkable computer graphics with live performace on her clarinet and computer acoustic sounds.
Clarinet & Saxophone
  Reviews…   by Miranda Sue Yek    1/07/2006
    … ...TRI Duo Plus... CD
Another fine example of her versatility as both a performer and composer….’Lands Collide’ …the beauty is there with the fluttering passed from electronics to clarinet to bass clarinet and percussion. ‘Gestures’ shows a mastery of twentieth century techniques that most clarinettists would envy. The work is fluent and cohesive. ‘Mary’s voice’ is very impressive, the subtones are played oh so naturally. Burkes CD… and example of cotemporary clarinet techniques executed to perfection with amazing control…
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