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title: GELUS
  The city evolves, moves, floats away, as if ‘a memory’ in dreams each resembling each other with a slight individual characteristic. Gelus is inspired by Invisible Cities a novella by the great writer Italo Calvino composed in 1999. A visual and sound experiment to produce abstract and literal imagery and sound focusing on transparent dreams of cities through the use of glass and translucent forms of cities with jagged and soft purring sounds. The sounds vary from extreme high, low and speech like abrupt sounds produced from glass, water, double bass, speech, flute and clarinet sources. All sounds are processed, fragmented, manipulated, and mixed through computer software sound packages. These sounds work in conjunction with an image conveyed by two transformed chairs covered in etched, painted and hand printed broken glass with the use of mainly primary and metallic colours and fine lines. To view the installation click here.
Grey is a Highway
  This work was written after my first visit to Europe in 2001 and travelling by air three weeks after the 13th September bombings. The situation for tourists became obvious when visiting the Tower Bridge with my 10 year old son and been two of the three sightseers. The Tower Bridge had an ominous and eerie atmosphere, going underground and travelling through the bridge. When going back to our lodgings that afternoon we got lost and walked for miles under many old bridges. The lack of people and the greyness of London are the essence of this composition.
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