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Petals Scream
  The concept of the composition was to transform the rose petal, breath, acoustic clarinet and percussive sounds another timbral plane of textural ambience, colours and exploration. The sounds and transformations came from images based on a series of graphics I created from the rose petal. The aim of the transformation of the sounds is to match timbres to give off a rich canvas of sonorities around similar pitches, particularly in the last section of the piece. In the graphics I chose series of red shades side by side with the combination of computer transparencies of images emerging within the work. The opening images of sound make a clean yet rough statement as to what is to come through dynamic and pulse alterations. This is broken down quite soon with many ‘peaks’ and subtle layers, the piece emerges into transformed breath sounds moving into complex paths and high overtones as if speaking to each other with occasional hoarse interruptions of rhythmic frequencies.
Illuminated Breath
  Air sounds and interwoven rhythms depicting races against time and reaching the finishing line are the bases of " Illuminated Breath ". It uses air and rhythmic forces from the Javanese Gamelan interlaced with clarinet and air sounds to create this energetic and pulse driven work. A layer of processed improvisations from the clarinet and voice dances above an intense and thick rhythmic pulse in a relaxed manner. The visuals tack you to a place with snapshots of both Asian and Australian cityscapes capturing and entwining abstract illusions of people, buildings and flowers as if there is a race against time but a peacefulness of acceptance.
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