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Root Drinking
  The concept of the composition was to transform the acoustic clarinet performed by (the composer) and percussive strokes from inside the piano (performed by Jeremy Martin) to another timbal plane of textural colours. The sounds and transformations came from images based on a 4x 4-foot multi media canvas that was created at the same time entitled ALLURING EYES. In the painting I chose pure colours side by side with the combination of computer transparencies of images emerging within the work. The objective was to make these images grow in and out of the canvas to create depth with combinations of definition and confusion but as a whole to create unity. The sound source for Root drinking as stated above are altered by the following transformations: mixing, fragmenting, vibrato, delays, panning and ring modulations. Also by exploring sounds at different dynamic and room placement, they accentuate the different changes occurring within the piece. These are all interwoven with the live electronic and effected clarinet textures. To view the stills click here.
Lands Collide
  The concept of the composition is to make the sounds and visuals grow in and out of each other with depth and constant movement with combinations of definition and confusion but as a whole to create unity. Another means to create this unity was the transformation clarinet key clicks and voice articulations also lyrically thick percussive sounds overlapping themselves to form complex rhythms. These short percussive rhythmic patterns are overlaid and textured into ten channels both live and prerecorded. Throughout Lands Collide old maps, landscape, Javanese flutes and gongs, organic drawings largely influenced me. The sounds and visuals are unique, like the wind, full of rich sonorities just waiting to be transformed or left alone. The aim was also to try and convey moments, portraying a simplistic, guttural, earthy yet sophisticated sound field and landscape as one can feel when in nature and experiencing non-western music.
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